Sara, a 36-year-old Australian, watched her husband and son drown before her eyes. Powerless, the mother of the family could do nothing to save them…

On January 31, Sara experienced a terrible tragedy. The 36-year-old Australian saw her husband Peter and son Mahan drown before her eyes. As the little family spent the afternoon on the beach at Little Bay in Sydney, to celebrate the 10-year-old boy’s last day of vacation, the situation turned into a nightmare. According to reports by the Mirror UK, the father and son were fishing on a rock when they were hit by a violent wave. The mother couldn’t do anything. “My husband and my son were only a few steps in front of me and now they are gone forever. I wish it was me rather than my little boy. I don’t want to live anymore” a- she delivered to the Daily Telegraph.

Despite her great sadness, Sara now wants to highlight the dangers at the beach. During her interview with the British newspaper, she clarified that her husband and son had no idea of ​​the threat that hovered because no sign had been installed at the scene of the tragedy. To prevent this from happening again, the student nurse now wants people to be alerted by signs. In her poignant tribute, the mother of the family told how she had moved, 12 years earlier, with her husband to Australia. “He was a hard worker” she confided, before remembering her “perfect, kind and respectful” son who adored nature.

A fundraiser has been launched

A GoFundMe page has been created to support Sara through this tragedy. It reads: “Her whole life has changed and it’s unimaginable for us to understand how she feels. She’s going to have to quit her nursing studies and get a job because her husband was the one boiling the pot. We are launching this fundraiser to help her and assure her that she will have the money to support herself, if only for a little while. We are asking our community to come together to help this mother, this woman whose life has been completely changed forever.” At the time of writing, 39,067 dollars have been collected, or 34,830 euros.

Her husband and 10-year-old son are drowning before her eyes ©

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