Her foot or her baby … A pregnant woman faced with a difficult choice

Becky Turner is a 32 year old mother living in Swansea. During her last pregnancy, she had to face a dilemma between her infected leg and her pregnancy. According to what she reported to WalesOnline, “she could not take the medicine she needed because she was pregnant”. This mother was unable to take these medications because of her spina bifida.

In the end, Becky chose amputation and fully assumes her choice. Speaking of which, she said: “For me it was something that was inevitable anyway, so I would have preferred to do it during pregnancy, when it was safe, in the second trimester, rather than having to leave the baby and go to the hospital for the first two months of life. “

“The leg took a long time to heal”

This ordeal was very trying for Becky’s couple. For her, the first months after the birth of her baby were the most difficult. She was depressed that she couldn’t take care of her baby like all mothers. For his part, her husband had to take 10 months of unpaid leave to take care of her, but also to replace her.

Becky wasn’t able to take her baby Caitlyn, who is currently 7, for a walk until 5 months after she was born. She happily describes the experience as “the best feeling in the world.” Either way, Becky got to see the bright side. She said: “It made my life slow down. I could just be with my kids at home.”

Becky Turner © Mirror

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