A simply horrible story. An Australian named Kelly Wilkinson was sighted in gasoline before her body was burned in the backyard of her house by her ex-husband, who has logically been charged with murder. Behind her, this woman leaves three orphans, who, several days after her death, “continue to claim their mother at night”, as announced by a member of her family, heartbroken. The facts happened on April 20, in Arundel, on the Australian Gold Coast. The culprit, Brian Earl Johnston, a 35-year-old former member of the US Navy, was found in “a semi-conscious state” on the lawn of a nearby house.

Tried in the wake, he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife. The latter’s three children, aged two to nine, have moved in with their aunt, Danielle Carroll, who herself has five siblings. According to the investigation, these three orphans were in the family home on the day of the tragedy. According to the sister of the deceased, eight months after the death of their mother, the three children claim the one who gave them their life almost daily.

“What happened is horrible but everyone is trying to move on”

“The three little ones ask for their mom every two or three nights, which is really horrible for them. But everyone is trying to move on,” said the children’s step-uncle. After the tragedy, the family joined an association against domestic violence called Be There, whose goal is to help outsiders recognize domestic and family violence in order to take action to help those in need. This association, which takes the form of a mobile application, was developed by Griffith University and has tools to help users recognize forms of abuse in order to act before it is too much. late.

Burned alive by her husband © Pexels

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