Anyone who uses the variety of dating apps available these days always makes sure that some of their criteria are met when looking for the perfect “match”. Among them, age, hobbies, profession, are undoubtedly the most scrutinized.

Nevertheless, Elle Winter pays particular attention to another detail. It was online, on her social networks, that the young woman shared her experience. A video that quickly went viral and left its subscribers unconvinced.

An astonishing confidence

On her TikTok account, Elle Winter usually shares videos related to her life as a musician. However, recently, it is on a completely different subject that the young woman confided. Accumulating more than 160,000 likes, she revealed, in this clip, her unique technique for finding a boyfriend. “I’m going to look crazy,” she confided at the start of the video. “But I have to share this with you because I know it will help someone,” she added. “I only go out with boys called Alex” she revealed.

An infallible technique

Promising that it was the “best dating hack” possible, Elle returned to her love history. It was at 17 that she fell in love for the first time. Her boyfriend, an Alex, ends up breaking her heart. Her pain is such that every time she hears his first name, she gets angry. “But a few months later, I started, by chance, having a few dates with a boy named Alex,” she said. She thus finds herself “with another Alex”.

Easy for the family

For Elle, this new relationship is also the way to reconnect with this first name, to accept it again by no longer being upset every time she hears it. She also revealed that being with a second Alex makes things easier for her friends and family who immediately remember her first name. “And then Alex number two and I broke up,” she confided. A new disillusion from which she nevertheless draws a lesson.

A stubborn habit

“I started using dating apps and thought I should keep following this trend of only dating boys named Alex,” she said. A way to simplify the task, thus calling all his conquests in the same way and simply adding a number after their surname to remember their order in his love life. A technique which nevertheless left its subscribers wary.

Missing out on a soul mate

“Imagine your soul mate has a different name and you don’t give them a chance! “Noted a first person in the comments following his confession. For a second, she was joking: “And if everyone only goes out with Alexs, and they are all taken, there won’t be any left for you! following Elle’s advice urging everyone to do the same. Relentless logic!

Her condition in love She only dates men who have the same first name


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