A scene worthy of the worst horror movies. In the heart of a district of Liverpool, England, a young mother was awakened in the middle of the night by the screams of her four-year-old son. Logically, the latter rushed to her room to see what was happening, thinking of a nightmare. And there, the tragedy: she found her little boy in a pool of blood after being bitten multiple times by a horde of rats on the body and face.

This horror scene took place in a house rented by the mother of the family. “I’m still traumatized by all of this. I heard my son crying from his bed, and when I came in, he was covered in blood,” testified the latter, tears still in her eyes. “I fell to my knees in shock. I had no idea what had happened until I saw the rat pass in front of me.”

The city of Liverpool infested by rodents?

After alerting the press, saying that his child had nightmares every night since this rat attack, Dan Carden, an MP for Liverpool, took up the case. The latter announced that it was necessary to urgently deal with “the unacceptable scale of the problems of vermin”. “After being contacted about this horrible story, I visited the family, who are traumatized. They live in a clean and nice house, but the neighborhood is infested with rats”, he also reacted .

After finding her son bleeding, the mother logically called the firefighters, who took him to the hospital. Doctors said the boy’s injuries were caused by rats. “The patient is currently being cared for by plastic surgeons who specialize in infectious diseases,” Alder Hospital spokesman Hey said. Note that several families have reported similar cases in this district of Liverpool.

Her child calls her in the middle of the night, she goes to see him to reassure him and finds him in a pool of blood

A child attacked by rats © Pexels

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