Viktorija Mardosiene, 32, lost her 5-month-old baby Kevin Dugutis in the early morning hours of August 9, 2022 at Royal Stoke University Hospital. According to The Sun article of September 12, 2022, Kevin Dugutis, the young mother’s baby fell ill in his crib just two hours after being fed at his parents’ home in Newcastle. As for Viktorija Mardosiene, who suddenly collapsed around 5 p.m. on August 9, she was “in good health” according to those close to her.

Viktorija Mardosiene is from Lithuania, according to her sister’s statements. She moved to England in 2016 and lived in North Staffordshire two years ago. She was a kind mother and a dear aunt. According to Tatjana Abraitiene, Viktorija’s sister, the latter left behind a young 12-year-old girl. “She was really sad and grieving. She said she wanted to be with him and die. Everyone was afraid she would kill herself if she went home, so they left her in the hospital.” , said Tatjana Abraitiene, 30.

The causes of the death of the baby and his fit young mother remain unknown

“It’s been a month since they died and the hospital still doesn’t have an answer. I just need to know exactly what happened,” Viktorija’s sister said. Recounting what happened on August 9, Tatjana, Viktorija’s sister, said West Midlands paramedics attended Viktorija’s home in Dunkirk at 12.42pm on August 9.

“We found a baby in critical condition. Ambulance staff administered advanced life support at the scene and en route to Royal Stoke University Hospital,” an ambulance service spokesman said. “Two police officers came to my house later and told me she was dead. I had no words,” she continued. A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: ‘The circumstances of the baby’s death are being reviewed by the coroner.

Her 5-month-old baby dies in tragic circumstances, she collapses a few hours later

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