Henry Cavill reveals why he started bodybuilding

Henry Cavill is one of the most prominent actors of recent years. Revealed with the series The Tudors, he really exploded with the role of Superman, which he endorsed for the first time in Man of Steel in 2013 before reprising it in three films. In the meantime, he has been seen alongside Tom Cruise in the sixth Mission Impossible and he most recently played the lead role in The Witcher. Known for choosing physically demanding roles, he told People magazine that he did not particularly do bodybuilding before going to the movies: “The first time I really lifted cast iron was for Man of Steel” .

From now on, there is no particular training required: “It depends on the characters I play and what I have access to in terms of material”. The shoots are often very trying for him and that of The Witcher in particular, since he injured his tendons: “When I look back, I tell myself that yes, it was a difficult moment.” He nevertheless chose to look on the bright side: “I think one of the skills that I have acquired over the years is to move forward despite the difficulties. So when I hurt myself in the tendons, I tried to see the glass half full: ‘Ok, I was working a lot and it was grueling, now I can’t work anymore because I’m on crutches.’ I was focusing more on taking time for me and to heal me “.

Henry Cavill: “I focus on what I can control”

Henry Cavill explains how he stays positive in all circumstances: “In all things mental health, I focus on what I can control and I work on that. It gives me a goal to achieve rather than something. thing I have to get rid of “. Henry Cavill will again play Geralt de Riv in season 2 of The Witcher, scheduled for December 17, 2021. On the cinema side, he will play the main role of the spy film Argylle, directed by the creator of the Kingsman franchise Matthew Vaughn.

Henry Cavill © Guirec-Guignebourg

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