Heidi Klum: she cuts her hair on her own, and it’s spectacular!

Heidi Klum has decided to change her mind! Finally, it is rather a request from her husband, musician Tom Kaulitz, who asked her, as she reveals on her Instagram account. The top decided to cut her own hair while filming and posted the video on her Instagram account this Saturday, March 27. A video which she captioned thus: “My husband asks for bangs, bangs I’ll give him.” Before apologizing to his usual hairdressers, Lorenzo Martin and Wendy Iles.

Heidi Klum appears there in front of a mirror, first in a bathrobe before removing it to end up in a black bra. The Body, as she is nicknamed, now aged 47, demonstrates that she still keeps a perfect body. Heidi Klum begins by brushing her hair before focusing on her front locks. “Be focus”, then launches the ex-angel of Victoria’s Secret. A concentration that she still has trouble maintaining since between two scissors, we hear in the background a male voice talking to her or even the ringing of her cell phone. She also takes a break to eat some crisps, put on makeup or do a little dance in front of her mirror.

Heidi Klum unveils her new face

After a few scissors and a blow of the hair dryer, the top reveals her new head with bangs. A rather successful cut for the pretty blonde who may have given ideas to her nearly 8 million subscribers. A new haircut with which the model has appeared on several other photos of her Instagram account in recent days.

Heidi Klum © Instagram

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