The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree! Matilda Ledger, 17, is the spitting image of her father, actor Heath Ledger, who died in 2008. This Sunday, February 26, the teenager was photographed while strolling the streets of New York, and c t is a rather familiar face that was revealed under the hood used to brave the winter cold. Indeed, Matilda has probably inherited the traits of her father, starting with her brown and inquisitive look, specific to that of the deceased actor. The young woman was only 2 years old when the latter bowed out at 28, following a drug overdose linked to his insomnia problems. She therefore knew her father very little, but that does not prevent her from sharing some similarities with him, both physical and behavioral.

Kim Ledger, the father of the man who played Christopher Nolan’s Joker, spoke about the similarities between his son and his granddaughter during a stint on the talk show The Project in 2018. “She inherited a lot of her manners”, confided the father of Heath Ledger before adding: “She is very curious, she has her energy, because Heath stopped sleeping well as soon as he was 2 years old and Matilda is like that. She’s this little ball of energy, she radiates, she has an aura. Heath was the same. It’s fabulous to see.”

Matilda Ledger: how many siblings does she have?

Long an only child, Matilda Ledger has recently become a big sister. Indeed, her mother, actress Michelle Williams, rebuilt her life with theater director Thomas Kail, with whom she had two children. A son, named Hart, born in 2020, and a baby whose sex and first name are unknown, born in 2022.

Heath Ledger: Matilda, the late actor's daughter, bears a disturbing resemblance to him

Heath Ledger © GOFF INF

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