Sarah Molds, 37, has been the center of attention following a video where she is seen kicking a horse. The video has been viewed over 2 million times. We see in particular the mother of 2 children slapping and kicking the animal. Yet this teacher at Somerby Primary School and Headmistress of Knossington and Somerby Kindergarten in Leicestershire, is also the leader of a Pony Club team.

Here we go @HlReports a much clearer photo of Mrs Sarah Molds. Photo courtesy of Somerby School Facebook page (a video still)

– Lauren Ⓥ (@ Lauren86752216) November 8, 2021

The video was shared by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, an anti-hunt campaign group. The 37-year-old mother’s action has been directly condemned by the UK’s national hunting body. The Hunting Office also criticized the video. Moreover, he declared that Sarah Molds was not part of his hunting associations.

Animal protection: actions will be taken!

While sharing the video, Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs had mentioned the RSPCA. The latter later said that “the video was really heartbreaking.” She also confirmed that she would open an investigation into this incident. “We urge anyone with first-hand information about this incident to contact us on 0300 123 4999,” the charity added.

Note that this is not an isolated case since in the United Kingdom, cases of animal abuse are on the rise. We think in particular of the case of Mark Hankinson, director of the Masters of Foxhounds association, who had given advice on how to secretly conduct illegal fox hunts.

Fox Hunting, Pony Punching, Primary School Teacher and Pony Club Team Leader for Cottesmore revealed EXCLUSIVELY on the Hunting Leaks website, in the news section

– HL Reports (@HlReports) November 8, 2021
Sarah Molds © Dailymail

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