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Heartbreaking letter from mother after child died in fire

“I have already buried a child and now I will have to bury another”. Thirteen years after giving birth to a stillborn baby, Martha McMaster said goodbye to her baby girl. A few days ago, Brooke Reid was trapped in the fire at the family home in the town of Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Hours before this terrible accident, she received a last text from her 12 year old daughter: “I just want to relax and watch Netflix. I love you mom, see you later.” Soon after, her brother called her in tears explaining that Brooke was trapped inside their burning house. Martha McMaster rushed over to her house and described the scene as “worthy of a horror movie”, as reported by The Mirror. But it was too late, on the spot, the emergency services found the body of his daughter. “My world fell apart at that point,” she says.

“As a mom, you never think you’re going to have to bury your own child – I had to do it twice,” the 38-year-old mom told our colleagues. Martha McMaster then described the last conversation she had with her daughter before she died in this fire. “The last time I saw Brooke was when her school bus drove past me as I walked to her aunt’s house, the devastated mom recalled. I called her and him. asked if she wanted to come, and she said no mom. I said, ‘I love you’. That was the last time I heard her voice. ” In 2007, Martha had already experienced a tragedy by giving birth to a stillborn baby. “Brooke was named after her older brother who was stillborn at 20 weeks,” she explains. “Saying goodbye to him was absolutely devastating, but it will be a million times harder.”

Fundraising launched

“She was such a wonderful girl and I loved her more than anything. It’s totally devastating, I still have moments where I forget that she died. I loved Brooke more than life her- even. I don’t know what I will do without her, “continued this mother. One of her friends, faced with the magnitude of her grief, created a fundraiser to help little Brooke’s family cover the costs. “The family lost not only this beautiful little girl, but also her house, her personal belongings and of course the memories of young Brooke,” read the GoFundMe website. Touched by the tragic story of the Northern Irish family, Internet users have mobilized to try to help them. In just three days, more than 8,500 pounds were raised: “These donations could not bring Brooke back but they will go a long way in helping the family rebuild their home and live without this beautiful little angel.”

Brooke Reid © GoFundMe

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