Coeur de Pirate is a happy but exhausted mother! After welcoming Romy in 2012, the singer gave birth on January 16 to a little boy, named Arlo. And since returning home, the days have become very sporty for her. On her Instagram account, she does not hesitate to reveal a few moments of her life as a mother.

A few days ago, Coeur de Pirate – real name Béatrice Martin – posted a snapshot of her where we can see her lying on the ground, her eyes closed, as if asleep. “I haven’t done this for 2 weeks”, added the artist in legend. A humorous way of indicating that she hasn’t had much opportunity to rest since the birth of her newborn baby.

The little Arlo fan of the register of a famous American singer

So for the great evils, the great remedies. This Monday, January 31, the singer published a video in story on her Instagram account where she appears tired, with her child in her arms. After telling her fans that her lack of sleep was becoming glaring, the singer explained that, to put her son to sleep and be able to recover a little, she had found an amazing but unstoppable technique. “I don’t know why but I had to sing Lady Gaga’s best of at 5 a.m. otherwise my newborn was screaming,” revealed the interpreter of Comme des enfants. Barely born and little Arlo already seems to have very good musical tastes. We hope, however, that he will soon sleep his nights to let his mother sleep.

Heart of Pirate © BORDE-MOREAU

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