An American from North Carolina has won a nice sum in the lottery thanks to a rather classic technique.

Who has never dreamed of winning millions of euros in the lottery? In reality, many people would like to hit the jackpot in order to lead a comfortable life, forget their financial worries and help their loved ones. But for that, you still have to find the right numbers. In order to achieve this, some implement well-established strategies, going so far as to analyze all the draws. Others prefer to go blind, hoping to hit the jackpot on a fluke. And sometimes, a technique as old as the world is enough to become a millionaire. Evidenced by what happened to Louis Paine Jr, a 77-year-old American.

Louis Paine Jr won a nice lottery thanks to a fairly common trick. This retired teacher used his children’s birthdays. A winning combination that allowed him to pocket 110,000 dollars or 96,721 euros. “Of course, I didn’t believe it,” he told the North Carolina Education Lottery. And to add that he loved playing the lottery to raise money for local schools: “Giving back to education is very important. It’s the best thing we have in our country.” After taxes, the septuagenarian left with a check for 78,122 dollars, or 68,706 euros. He made it clear that he wanted to invest part of his earnings and share the rest with his family.

In the lottery, chance sometimes does things well

Louis Paine Jr isn’t the only North Carolina resident to win the lottery in recent weeks. Lola Allen also made $264,419 playing the same numbers for 16 years. “Since the start, I’ve been using the same numbers. They’re my favorite numbers, so I play them all the time. When they came in the right order, I was in shock. Speechless,” the former teacher said. . Finally, last month, it was an army veteran who won $ 4 million by taking the numbers found in a “fortune cookie”, this lucky cookie usually given at the end of the meal in a Chinese restaurant. .

He wins a small jackpot in the lottery thanks to this classic technique ©

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