Four years after the death of Johnny Hallyday, a documentary reviewing the artist’s American tour in 2014 has been released. Entitled My name is Johnny, it traces the Taulier’s dream to perform in the United States. This feature film directed by Pascal Duchène, was screened in preview in a large cinema in Los Angeles, this Wednesday, November 1. Some 200 guests were present alongside Laeticia Hallyday and her two daughters, Jade and Joy, and in particular the American actor Mickey Rourke, who shared a 30-year friendship with the interpreter of Envy.

If the widow and the two younger daughters of the rocker were particularly moved to see images of the singer again, they are not the only ones. “My daughters discovered the film tonight and they were in tears from start to finish,” Laeticia Hallyday told Le Parisien after the screening. Friends from Los Angeles who shared Johnny’s life mostly cried. Much m ‘said they really discovered his passion for America. “

Mickey Rourke “upset” after the documentary airs

Mickey Rourke was particularly touched by this projection, according to the words of the widow of the rocker. “He was upset, he was crying, he hugged my children. Johnny was a brother of heart to him and he misses him every day, indicated the companion of Jalil Lespert, before continuing, to see him tonight in this documentary was an extremely painful moment for him. They got to know each other back in 9 ½ Weeks in 1986, before I met my husband. Mickey saw it on stage several times. ” And to conclude: “He is a faithful and loving friend who has always been there for us, and his presence this evening touches me very much.”

Johnny Hallyday © Borde-Corlouer-Jacovides-Moreau

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