He is now out of harm’s way. A young American named Perez Reed was arrested by the FBI on the platform of a train station on Friday, November 5. The 25-year-old was carrying a 40 caliber weapon with him which was found to be linked to a series of crimes, at least six of which were fatal. The FBI announced in a press release that this young serial killer is currently charged with two first degree murders with a firearm.

The first murder he is said to be linked to took place on September 12 in St. Louis County, Missouri. Perez Reed reportedly shot a man in the chest while the victim was at a bus stop. If man finally survives, he will “have physical and permanent wounds forever.” The next day, this young American allegedly killed a 16-year-old before shooting a woman at a gas station three days later.

A series of murders that never stopped

And the tragic series of murders did not end there. A fourth victim was found dead, shot in the head, before two other people were found dead the following week. Each of these crimes were allegedly carried out with the weapon found by the FBI in Perez Reed’s bag. While he had already been arrested, two other people were found dead, whose deaths are dated November 1 and 2, each time by shots in the head.

According to the first elements of the investigation, none of the victims had any connection while the prosecutor explained that each of the murders seemed to have been done at random, without being premeditated. The suspect, obviously in jail pending trial, faces a life sentence and his bail has been set at two million dollars. For now, Perez Reed is denying the facts.

A serial killer arrested © Pexels

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