After a day of tribute paid to Johnny Hallyday on Tuesday, September 14, it is the turn of a huge singer and a very close friend to want to honor his memory today. Indeed, Eddy Mitchell is releasing a new album on November 19, in which there is a song dedicated to the Taulier and called “A little bit of love”. Very close to Johnny Hallyday, the artist reveals in this title, some regrets. The singer agreed to come back to it, during an interview for the newspaper Le Parisien.

And the least we can say is that Eddy Mitchell has scores to settle. Indeed, when the journalist asks him: “Who are you talking to when you sing ‘Discovering that betrayal begins with love or friendship?'”, The artist answers him very directly: “I addresses me to everyone. We are betrayed that by his family, that by those close to him, he knew it better than I. He sometimes surrounded himself with margoulins, terrible people and it was a little normal that he was be betrayed, “says the singer.

“I don’t agree with this kind of event”

Successive betrayals which were also possible because of the state of Johnny Hallyday: “I was not the only one to warn him, to tell him to behave better, to drink less, to go to bed earlier. .. He was getting high, “says Eddy Mitchell, who confirms that his family and that of Taulier are now very distant:” There was no other things to do. Too bad, so much the better. I’m sorry. especially for him “. Very touching confidences from a friend who is still in mourning, four years after the death of Johnny Hallyday. He also ensures that he did not watch the tribute paid a few days ago: “I did not participate because I had nothing crazy about it ***. In principle I do not agree with this. kind of events “.

Johnny Hallyday © JUNIOR

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