A serious accident injured a family of three cyclists, including two children, on Friday May 27 in Sainte-Maxime. The first people who rescued the victims were happy to talk about the scene. One of the people who helped the family victim of the accident is a Maximois holding a shop just opposite the place where the accident occurred. “I was standing outside my door when I saw bicycles flying around a car. For a moment I thought they were falling out of the vehicle. And then, when the screams rang out, I understood…”, says the man who wanted to remain anonymous.

“the cyclist’s family had already been on the road for a few moments when it was hit. As for the car that knocked them over, it did not brake for a single moment until it collided with the car of two young English tourists who arrived in front”, underlines the man. Many witnesses rushed to help the victims. “The woman, who was the only one to be conscious, cried ‘my children, my children’. On the ground, the two boys were inanimate. As for the man, he was bathed in such a pool of blood that I believed that he was dead,” added the eyewitness.

“The children started screaming in pain”

Antoine and Morgane, who work in the medical analysis laboratory, also helped the victims of the accident. “We first checked they had a pulse as they were initially unconscious. The pool of blood was from the man’s ruptured brow bone, but he quickly regained consciousness,” they said. they.

“Then the children woke up in turn. Affected in the lower and upper limbs, they then began to scream in pain. They were in so much pain that it was difficult to hold them in place, and as the emergency services took 40 minutes to get there because of the traffic jams, they suffered a real martyrdom”, they add.

“He was bathed in a pool of blood”: a car hits an entire family on a bicycle, witnesses say © Pexels

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