On the occasion of the release of his book, It will suffice of a sign, Jean Bender, childhood friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman, returned to the singer’s life in the columns of Paris Match. He thus confides in the imprisonment and assassination of the artist’s half-brother: Pierre Goldman. In December 1969, he was accused of having killed a pharmacist and her assistant during the robbery of a pharmacy in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Incarcerated in Fresnes, he leaves behind a brother who thinks he is very guilty but still wishes to visit him: “He does not excuse him, but considers it normal to keep relations with him. Whatever he has done, he remains his half-brother and he loves him. He considers him to be a brain, a type endowed with a real intellectual power “.

But having a criminal half-brother is difficult to live with on a daily basis. According to Jean Bender, Jean-Jacques Goldman will live in fear for a long time: “Jean-Jacques was afraid of being the victim of an anti-Semitic or political aggression. A fear that has never left him and which also explains his restraint. “, says the writer in the columns of Paris Match. Pierre Goldman will be released from prison and the two brothers will continue to see each other until the day Pierre will be killed “by a mysterious commando of three or four men who manages to escape”. This murder will later be claimed by an extreme right-wing group whose perpetrators have never been identified.

Jean Bender: Jean-Jacques Goldman “fears for his vocal cords damaged by age”

During this interview, Jean Bender will also confide on a possible return of his friend on stage. And the answer is clear: “The exhortations on his return continue to flow, which sometimes upsets him, especially since it will not take place; he wants to avoid the ridicule of a pitiful comeback,” says he does. Worse still, the singer and musician no longer wishes to evoke music: Jean-Jacques Goldman “no longer touches an instrument, believing that his hands, once so skilled on the strings and keyboards, have lost their agility”. He also hardly sings any more because “he fears for his vocal cords damaged by age”.

Jean-Jacques Goldman © Agency

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