Some are ready to do anything to impress their friends. This is the case of JS, 36, who drank no less than twelve energy drinks in the space of ten minutes to clown around in front of his friends. The story, relayed by the Daily Mirror, is told by Dr. Bernard Hsu, a clinical pharmacist who owns a Youtube channel, called ChubbyEmu, followed by 2.6 million people. The latter regularly shares crazy anecdotes about his profession and his patients, without revealing their identity. He also uses actors in his videos to illustrate his point.

JS suffered from acute pancreatitis

“Immediately after ingesting the 12 energy drinks, JS did not feel well,” says Dr. Bernard Hsu. “JS started having heart palpitations, but thought it was caffeine.” The Youtubeur explains that the thirties waited 24 hours, without being able to eat or drink, before going to the emergency room. Facing the doctors, he was too ashamed to reveal his stupid challenge. After taking blood and CT scans, doctors finally discovered that JS was suffering from acute pancreatitis.

Due to the extremely high levels of caffeine and sugar in his blood, his pancreas had begun to “digest itself”, explains Dr. Bernard Hsu. The situation worsened as the patient appeared to be better and ready to go home. He had to stay in the hospital and was given very heavy treatment. In his Youtube video, Dr. Bernard Hsu dramatizes the incident in order to make people aware that consumption of energy drinks should be done in moderation. “Most people know that energy drinks can be dangerous when consumed in large quantities. If you take one once in a while, and you’re young and healthy, it’s probably not a problem. But if you start swallowing several cans in a row, that’s not good,” he says.

He wants to impress his friends with a stupid challenge, his pancreas "digests itself"

He wants to impress his friends with a stupid challenge, his pancreas “digests itself” © Youtube screenshot @chubbyemu

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