He walled up his schizophrenic wife in the family home

“Get out of the way. Otherwise I’ll twist your neck.” These are the last words of ML, 55, to her husband on July 16, 2016. In front of the bar, he assures her that “she was in a catastrophic state” that day, so he went out for a walk. little. Separated since 2012, M-L and D., parents of two children, continued to live under the same roof in Switzerland. Until the day when M-L, diagnosed with schizophrenia, disappears.

True suicide or murder by spouse?

At the bar, D. denies having strangled his wife. He also denies pushing and touching her, as reported by Le Matin. “When I got home that day after the seizure, I saw the back of her neck. I climbed two steps to see her from the front. She had an electric cable around her neck. I pulled on it. She is. fell to the ground. It was limited, “he told the judge. This cable, D. would have thrown it in the recycling center three days before the discovery of the body and its arrest. True suicide or murder by spouse? The truth will never really be known. However, the rest of the story, yes.

“I thought she was going to mummify”

The father, who is also a volunteer firefighter, says he checked whether his wife was still breathing. “There was no more life,” he is sure. So he places his wife’s body in a fetal position in the basement freezer, and he makes the family and neighbors believe that she’s gone on vacation. For several weeks, he digs a gaping hole under the front porch of the house, claiming piping problems. Two months after the tragedy, he slips M-L’s lifeless body into it, accompanied by a lucky medallion, mocha yogurt and the urn containing his brother’s ashes. “I did it for her, she did not want to be cremated. Or buried and eaten by the worms”, continues the defendant in court. He doesn’t really explain all of his actions. He just confides that he hid his wife’s body out of respect and love. “I did it gently, calmly. I couldn’t leave her out in the open. I thought she was going to mummify. I put straw under her body and covered her with dirt.”

M-L’s body was found three months after his death. Today she was cremated in a place she liked. And D., meanwhile, is still awaiting the court ruling on his sentence. Several months of suspended prison sentence were required against him.

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