A terrible accident! A 55-year-old British holidaymaker died following a serious accident while visiting a paradise island on Tuesday September 13, around noon. This is the island of Formentera, in the Balearic Islands, Spain. The London man was accompanied by his girlfriend and friends when he slipped off a cliff near La Mola lighthouse, a site mentioned in Jules Verne’s novel, according to Mirror. We are talking about a fatal fall of nearly 120 meters! Police reports obtained by the outlet confirmed his identity as the man in question lived in the UK and had a British passport.

“Rescues had to use drones, jet skis and a helicopter to locate his body, as he was not visible from the top of the cliff from which he had fallen,” explains Mirror. It was a Civil Guard helicopter that located the body, 15 meters from the sea. The group would have enjoyed a day in Formentera after visiting the neighboring island of Ibiza where the holidaymakers would have stayed in a luxury hotel, according to the media.

A tragic accident during the holidays

A Civil Guard spokesman said it was a serious accident and there was no evidence to suggest a crime. Note that the lighthouse of La Mola is a must-see site and is one of the main attractions of Formentera. Located on the edge of a cliff at the end of the island, La Mola is characterized by its breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Visitors flock there at sunrise and sunset. “The lighthouse at the end of the world”, such is Jules Verne’s description of this place in his novel Hector Servadec.

He visits a heavenly attraction, unaware that death awaits him 100 meters below

He visits a heavenly attraction, unaware that death awaits him 100 meters below © Pexels

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