The ordeal lasted 2h30. Sunday February 13, Huguette, a 57-year-old taxi driver, was making her rounds in Tours (Indre-et-Loire) when a client, whom she had picked up at the station in the direction of Chambord, violently attacked her. “I was sitting in the car and he gassed me, says the fifties, stunned, on the airwaves of RTL. I fell and when I got up, he punched me twice in the face. When he saw me struggling and kicking him, he tied my hands with an electric wire that was in his pocket, he threw me into the trunk of the car, I straightened up, and there he tied my legs and pushed me into the trunk, then he closed the trunk.”

More than two hours of ordeal followed, during which Huguette remained locked in the trunk of her own car. “It lasted two and a half hours, taking the speed bumps at high speed, making me jump like a kid in my car. I have bruises everywhere and I was bleeding like an ox because the brow bone, it bleeds. “

“All of a sudden, I hear ‘Down! Down!'”

Luckily, the tank of Huguette’s car quickly reached the reserve. His captor therefore had no choice but to stop at a gas station. “I knew that I had practically no more fuel, confides the taxi driver. At one point, he stops and I see a gas station. He goes to see a colleague from Blois and asks him to fill up the tank. car for 80 euros.” It was then that a bloodstain alerted the taxi driver. “He saw there was blood on the bumper and he had blood on his shoes, and I was kicking the car. He was like, ‘That’s my dog ​​not standing. not quiet!’ And all of a sudden, I hear ‘Down! I look up and I see the police. I said to myself, ‘That’s it, I’m saved'”

More fear than harm for Huguette, who nevertheless ends her tour with bruises on her face and a few stitches. However, nothing that discourages her from hitting the road again with new clients: “It was a nightmare but I don’t mind talking about it. If my car could drive, I would go back to my job!”, She says. . According to our colleagues from RTL, Huguette’s kidnapper was a repeat offender released from prison six months earlier. He was supposed to take antipsychotics but no longer did.

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