A senseless act. In Spartanburg County in the United States, a 43-year-old page man was arrested by police on October 3 after throwing his dog from a highway bridge over a river, 10 meters high.

A few minutes before the arrest, a witness had contacted the police, telling them that he had just seen a man throw his dog over the railing, reports Fox News. Arrived on the spot, the police discovered the suspect at the edge of the water, under the famous bridge, trying to strangle his pet by holding it firmly at neck level.

The suspect would have obeyed “witches”

The police quickly understood that the witness had told the truth when they noticed that the dog was totally soaked. His owner was therefore arrested and then confirmed that he had thrown his dog into the river, twice, explaining that he had acted under the orders of “witches”.

The suspect was finally taken into custody, and will be the subject of a psychiatric expertise. He should also be prosecuted for acts of animal cruelty. As for the dog, who was legally removed, he fortunately had no serious injuries, even if the police assure that he was “clearly shaken” by the incident. While waiting to find a new owner, the animal has been placed in an animal shelter, where additional examinations will be carried out.

He throws his dog from the top of a bridge and makes a preposterous excuse in front of the police

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