Hearing loss is often put down to age… but for Wallace Lee, it was not! In the UK, this Royal Navy veteran thought he was going deaf due to his career in the noisy aerospace industry. But using a homemade endoscopy kit, he discovered that a small, unidentified white object was lodged in the hollow of his ear…

Intrigued, the man from Weymouth, in the county of Dorset, hastened to consult an otolaryngologist (ENT). And against all odds, it dislodged from his ear… a piece of earpiece! “The doctor first tried to suck it out, but it had been there for so long it was stuck in a plug of earwax, it wasn’t moving at all, Lee told the BBC. So he took forceps tiny that it passed through a tube into the ear canal, I could feel it and all of a sudden it went ‘pop’.” “Instantly, I could hear everything that was going on in the room, he recalls. The fog that had been in my head for all those years disappeared. I heard perfectly well.” According to Lee, the doctor himself was very surprised by his discovery.

The earpiece was stuck in his ear for 5 years

Wallace Lee thinks he stuck the piece of earphone in his ear during a plane trip five years ago. “Five years ago, while visiting my family in Australia, I bought small headphones with interchangeable tips, depending on the noise on the plane, he recalls. earmolds got stuck in my ear and have been there ever since.” This should encourage some to check their ears more frequently!

He thought he was going deaf, his doctor makes a crazy discovery in his ear

He thought he was going deaf © Pexels

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