The United Airlines flight almost turned into chaos. A few days ago, a passenger sowed terror departing from Miami. Sitting in seat 29C, Cherruy Loghan Sevilla experienced a very hectic flight. According to the seated father and daughter, the man was “out of his mind”. About an hour after the plane left, he grabbed the girl’s arm. And his erratic behavior continued unabated. He soon began “running down the aisle, clapping loudly near the cockpit and shouting obscenities,” an FBI agent wrote in a statement. Cherruy Loghan Sevilla also opened a locked bathroom while another passenger was inside and broke a ‘small piece of plastic’ on the door

According to the police, he “also brought his face close to those of the other passengers – looked at them and smiled at them” and refused requests from the flight attendants to remain seated preferring to lie on the ground. He would have attacked one of them. Other flight attendants and passengers, including a law enforcement officer who was on board, intervened to subdue the man. Arrested when his October 4 flight landed at Washington Dulles International Airport, he admitted to police that he had consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms before boarding the aircraft. When police and FBI agents entered the device, it was “still shouting profanity and unintelligible sounds”.

The man was released

During an interview several hours later, Cherruy Loghan Sevilla admitted to using psilocybin, known as “hallucinogenic” mushrooms, at the Miami airport. He told FBI agents that this was not the first time he had taken the drug and apologized for his actions. He was released Oct. 5, and will attend a preliminary hearing in Alexandria, Va., on charges of assault and interference with a flight crew. United thanked, in a press release, its crew members “who have this difficult situation with professionalism”. The airline also followed up with employees to make sure they were okay after the hectic flight.

He takes magic mushrooms before getting on the plane, the flight turns into chaos

An eventful flight © Pexel

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