To be “perfect” at all costs? To achieve this goal, Dale Saint Cullen did not skimp on the expense, paying more than 30,000 euros in cosmetics and plastic surgery… without however being satisfied with the result.

Under his fingers, images parade, merge. All smoothed, ideal, sublimated. In front of his eyes are daily shots of people with seemingly perfect physique. Dale Saint Cullen feels, like many social network users, the desire to be like them.

But to reach what he thinks is perfection, the young man will go through many trips, expenses and, finally, disappointments…

An idealized world

On social networks, everything seems so simple, everything seems so beautiful. So much so that Dale, 28, has spent the last five years of his life in pursuit of a certain look, of this reality that only exists through filters and retouching “On social networks, I I had never noticed at the time, but I looked at these people who looked perfect and I fell into this vicious circle of pursuing what was not reality,” he recently confided to the English newspaper The Mirror, “It was completely wrong.” When his quest begins, Dale is convinced that changing his appearance is the key to happiness. To do this, the young man travels around the world to undergo various cosmetic surgery operations “I flew to Poland and Turkey and I showed the surgeons filtered photos on Instagram of what I wanted to look like” . Totally obsessed with this cult of the image, the young man does not realize that the photos are completely modified and do not reflect reality “It took me a while to realize that this was not what they looked like in real life,” he explained.

A distorted view of reality

For several years now, with the ever-increasing power taken by social networks, the world of influence has appeared like a new Eldorado. A wonderful world where money flows… if the look and physique are “perfect”. Dale Saint Cullen recalls “I think I was trying to fit in with society. Everything was fine in college. It wasn’t until social media came along that the idea to do this work came to me.” Five years of spending fortunes on surgery and cosmetics did not allow her to achieve her ideal “I spent so much time, money and energy looking for this perfect look, it’s crazy” commented- he, aware of the trap that quickly fell on him “When you see all these stars of reality TV and they look perfect, it can be very damaging for young people”. Dale also points to celebrities encouraging surgery or saying to buy “those products to get the perfect Hollywood smile.” Injunctions and images which, on a daily basis, alter the esteem of the followers.

A young and fragile audience

“I’m 28 now and it seems like people on social media are getting younger and younger and I’m worried about the effect it’s having on them” because today Dale feels that the networks have “brainwashed” and now wants to tell his story in order to make others aware of the strong impact of this profusion of images, hoping to prevent them from falling into the same trap. Assuming yourself as you are or going through the operation box, it is all a question of good motivations “I would tell people to make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons”. To repair his wounds, Dale sees a therapist “I work on myself. The work I had done in the past was not for me, I did it under pressure from social media. I’m better now and I make sure everything I do is for me.”

He spends 30,000 euros on cosmetics to have a perfect image on social networks ©

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