Wednesday December 1, William Broyles, a man in charge of music in a church, respected and known to all his community, committed a terrible act. This 57-year-old American, living in Florida, is accused of having killed his wife and their two adult children, aged 27 and 28, by shooting at them in their home. The man then surrendered to authorities, as confirmed by the Nassau County Sheriff.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the man fired numerous bullets at the members of her family “to make sure that she was not in pain”. According to the sheriff, William Broyles, first shot his wife in the living room before entering his daughter’s room and aiming at her “because she was waking up”. “He then ran into his son’s room and shot him too,” WTLV reported. According to the media, the couple had another son who was not present at the scene at the time of the tragedy.

A murder that has “no meaning”

William Broyles would then have wanted to commit suicide but would have been “too afraid to do it”. “This is just a tragic affair. It’s crazy, it just doesn’t make sense,” the sheriff said. After committing the massacre, the murderer himself telephoned the police at around 7.15 am “When the officers arrived, the gunman was lying on the ground in the alley, without his gun, he was waiting for them,” added the sheriff.

“We have a pretty clear idea of ​​what happened, but we are continuing to investigate to make sure,” he added. However, he declined to give details of the reasons for the accused’s taking action. He was not known for acts of violence. William Broyles was charged with triple murder and held in the Nassau County Jail with no possibility of bail. He was placed under surveillance for suicide risk

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