Family drama. The small town of Vaudricourt, in Pas-de-Calais, was the scene of a tragedy on Monday March 14, 2022. It all started with a 52-year-old father who, surely as usual, was in car with her two boys aged 4 and 7 to take them to school. The small family had already experienced a tragedy in 2006 when a third child, then aged 5, died of cardiac arrest due to a medical error. A tragedy that undoubtedly affected the family hard, to the point that on this morning of March 14, the father of the family attempted suicide on the way to school, with his sons in the car. According to La Voix du Nord, the man was found by firefighters around 8:30 a.m., sitting next to his car in flames and seriously burned all over his body.

It was then that he would have explained to the firefighters that he wanted to commit suicide by setting fire to his car. Only after lighting the flames did the 52-year-old father change his mind and quickly get out of the car. It was already too late to rescue his two sons, who died in the fire on the seats in the back of the black Audi. The man was evacuated by the emergency services to the burns department of the Lille hospital but could not be questioned about his motivations because of his serious condition. Still according to La Voix du Nord, the firefighters would however have found clues that prove that it was indeed an arson.

Several psychological cells have been set up

In order to support the emergency services, the police and all those who have been involved in this affair, a psychological unit has been opened internally for the firefighters of Béthune – the large town closest to the scene of the tragedy. The mother of the children, who had already lost a son in 2006, will also be accompanied psychologically after this new family drama. Our colleagues from La Voix du Nord also report that two psychologists have been deployed in the school of the two young victims, in Drouvin-le-Marais. According to the sub-prefect Chantal Ambroise, “it’s a small school with three classes. We will have to explain to the children that they will no longer see two of their friends…”.

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