A click, an email that goes too quickly and, with it, a particularly intimate document… After spending hours preparing his application for a job, Jacques Paul inadvertently inserted the wrong file, making it inappropriate…

Does too much perfection harm perfection? By dint of wanting to present himself in his best light, Jacques Paul ended up making a fatal mistake for his candidacy…

Wishing to apply for a digital marketing position in one of the four largest consulting firms, the young man sent a particularly unsuitable document to his potential future employer.

A careless mistake

Looking for a job is never easy. So when the ideal position arises, stress can cause some confusion! Jacques Paul had spent hours carefully filling out an application form for a prestigious position, making sure to proofread it several times to avoid any spelling mistakes that would have been prohibitive. In a video posted on TikTok, the young man returned to his mistake “It was horrible but it’s a funny story now” he started by explaining. “I was applying while listening to music, checking the news, watching and doing other things on the side. I was multitasking. Among these various tasks, one concerns him in an intimate way “I had just downloaded the PDF of my STD test results and luckily everything was negative”.

Too much information

Completing his application, he submits the form “You receive a confirmation email and you are asked to log in to see the status what I have done”. At that moment, he realizes his mistake “I saw the PDF of the MST results and I panicked”. In his video viewed more than 1.1 million times, Jacques continued “I panicked and just waited hoping that there was a very nice and sensible human on the other side of the screen who saw him and knew it was an honest mistake and he would ask me for a cover letter”. Lack of luck for the young man, the situation evolves differently “Within 72 hours, I received a standard message saying that they were not pursuing the request” he explained, adding “I thought I could make a followed, ask for a comment but I think I knew the reason”. Luckily, Jacques has since found another job and is using his story as a way to “de-stigmatize the mistakes” hoping to also tackle those involving sexual health.

He sends his STD test results to his recruiter instead of his cover letter ©

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