They loved each other so much they didn’t want to wait. In September 2022, Kelsey and Mike Mynatt decide to elope two weeks before their wedding to say “I do” in complete privacy.

A reception is organized in October to celebrate their union and their new life. A memorable party to which friends and family are invited and during which no one imagines the drama that will be played out at nightfall…

A failed salto

During Kelsey and Mike’s reception, everyone is having fun and dancing. A festive and happy wedding like most weddings are. On the dance floor, nothing seems to stop the guests and Mike decides to show himself the extent of his talents. “He tried his ‘party trick’ which is a backflip on the dance floor that he usually pulls off,” Kelsey said in a now-viral TikTok video. But that night, nothing goes as planned… “He slipped on the floor because there were spilled drinks and he was wearing dress shoes with no grip” she continued. Falling heavily, Mike hurts his head. The reception turns into chaos when Mike is rushed to a hospital in Denver, Colorado. There, he underwent an emergency craniectomy, his brain swelling rapidly.

A long recovery

For a month, Mike remains in a coma. His friends and family, mostly residing in Missouri, come to visit. When he regains consciousness, Mike is placed in intensive care for a long period. He must also relearn how to walk, talk, stand and even eat. “He is progressing well, we are very proud of him,” commented Kelsey constantly at his bedside. Still in indefinite recovery, Kelsey and her family have set up a Go Fund Me fundraiser to help pay Mike’s medical bills and raise money so others can visit him during his stay.

He sees his life change after doing a backflip on his wedding day


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