Alex Gibson, 22, died trying to save his friend, 18, who tried to kill herself in the early morning of July 30, 2021. It was to save her suicidal friend that Alex jumped into the water of Blackpool, however, he could not swim. The friend Alex tried to save was investigated on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, according to the Daily Mail. She says that they were both in the water, but she realized that Alex, the hero who was trying to get her out of the water, couldn’t swim. The young woman then decided to get out of the water to get help.

“We were near the steps. We were both in the water. I was trying to help Alex because he couldn’t swim,” she said. “We were clinging to each other trying to keep each other afloat. said I was going to go out and get help,” she continued. It took her a while to swim back because the current was too strong, she said. From the shore, she saw Alex walking away in the water and screaming for help.

Alex jumped into waters known to be highly dangerous for her friend

It was 4.10 a.m. when Mark Wright heard Alex’s friend shout: “Alex, I can’t live without you,” reports the Daily Mail. Mr Wright woke up David Langton, another man who had been sleeping in shelters near the Blackpool shore. Alex’s friend had explained to Mr. Langton that she wanted to kill herself and that his friend had jumped into the water to save her, but he couldn’t swim. Alex’s body was found in the water 200 meters from shore, face down, at around 5:10 a.m. According to Chief Coroner Alan Wilson, Alex showed enormous courage despite stating that he had been drunk. ‘Anyone who has seen the tide in Blackpool when it is fully high knows it is dangerous,’ he remarked.

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