A man named Wyverne Flatt loves his pet sow so much that he’s willing to risk jail to keep her by his side.

Unlike people who find solace in their dogs, cats or rabbits, Wyverne Flatt can rely on his sow Ellie, whom he sees as his emotional support animal. But for how long? Unfortunately for this New Yorker who lives in Canajoharie, a new law has just been passed in his city. As reported by The Daily Gazette, it formally forbids him to keep the beast at his home. But the 54-year-old man is ready to do anything to win his case, even if it means going to trial, risking a prison sentence and a fine of $ 18,000.

While Wyverne Flatt’s neighbors have long complained about the foul smell given off by his sow Ellie, he says she is odorless and makes no noise. In the columns of The Post, he also explains how much she means to him: “She’s cleaner than anyone else’s cat or dog and smaller than anyone’s dog. other in this town. A few years ago she was my pet and not my emotional support. But after she arrived I went through a very complicated divorce and my mother passed away. to have her with me. She gets on the couch to watch TV and cuddle me. She is a really lovely animal and she is part of my family. ”

Soon in prison for the love of his sow?

Wyverne Flatt has been at war with the local government for years. In two years, the 50-year-old has gone to court no less than 14 times to plead his case. In 2019, the authorities accused him of keeping his sow in an apartment, which he denied, stressing that he had a very beautiful garden: “No one has ever come to my house to check his living conditions.” A year later, Ellie was officially registered as an emotional support animal by her handler. Reassembled like never before, the fiftieth-year-old said he was surrounded and determined to fight for his furball. He risks up to six months behind bars. The trial is due to start on March 22.


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