Convicted of the murder of two escort-girls aged 33 and 34, the man had first met them on specialized sites which he regularly used. The facts for which he is accused took place in 2018 and 2021, under similar conditions, and took place on a farm rented by this entrepreneur in the seemingly uneventful building.

“Psychopath with a Conscience”

If he seemed well in every respect, the analysis of his mobile phone revealed the dark side of Mark Brown. Perverse, addicted to violent pornography, he could accumulate up to ten escorts to satisfy his needs. And it is in this way that he met his victims, with whom he maintained more or less continuous relations before dragging them successively to a farm. The first young woman disappeared in May when she asked him to leave his usual partner. The second, to whom Mark Brown had offered 100,000 pounds to become his appointed escort in May 2021, joined him on a farm he wanted to show him.

On the spot, the man kills her then burns her body in a homemade incinerator and throws the remains in a dumpster on a construction site where he worked. He betrayed himself by sending strange messages to one of his friends, far from knowing the dark side of Mark Brown. He tells him he is a “psychopath with a conscience” and explains to him in another “It’s a very unpleasant thing to do, an old can of oil, five liters of diesel, and presto, there’s not much left.” Facing the Court on Thursday, December 8, he explained that the second young woman died accidentally after hitting her head and that he then burned her body “in the panic”, claiming that the first was alive “at his knowledge.” The representative of the prosecution thinks like the investigators that the young woman suffered the same fate as the second victim “We hope that, now that he has been convicted, he will finally tell us what happened to Leah’s body, so that his family can mourn”.

He reserved an atrocious fate for the escort girls he solicited with a well-rehearsed stratagem

He had an ongoing relationship with two of them © Illustration photo

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