A bride has become furious after her father refused to take a picture with her on her wedding day. She tells her story on the internet and Internet users are shocked.

It is often said that marriage is supposed to be one of the happiest days of one’s life. So inevitably, we are delighted to be able to take tons of photos that day, in order to keep as many memories as possible. But unfortunately for Sandra*, all that was ruined by her father’s new wife. The newlywed took to Reddit to recount the heated argument that led to him kicking his father and stepmother out of his marriage. The Mirror returns to this story in its columns.

His new wife refuses to allow him to take a photo alone with his daughter

Sandra has divorced parents. But for all that, she has always dreamed of getting married to the man she loves, and having a big and pretty ceremony. “I wanted to do all the traditional things. Let mom get ready with me and let dad walk me down the aisle,” she said. When the big day arrived, everyone had to have their picture taken with the happy couple before entering the reception hall. So inevitably, Sandra demanded a photo alongside her mother and father. And that’s when her mother-in-law threw a tantrum. “Your father is married to me. You can’t be in a photo with just your mother and father, it’s disrespectful to our marriage,” her father’s new companion told Sandra. The young bride falls from the clouds. “My mother’s new boyfriend didn’t care, because he doesn’t have the temperament of a child. But my father sided with his new wife.” He confides in Sandra that he loves her very much, but that he could see that his wife was not comfortable with it. Instead, the man offers to take group photos. What the young bride refuses.

Disappointed, she fires her father from her marriage

Hurt that he chose his new wife over her, Sandra asked her father to leave. Out of the question after this scene to share his first dance with him, but also to listen to his speech. She says he called her in tears the next day, wanting to put things right. But Sandra wasn’t ready to listen to his excuses yet. “I told him he was lucky to have another daughter and a good thing that he could be the father of the bride at some point”, admits Sandra, speaking of her sister-in-law. “He told me that I was not replaceable and asked me if there was anything he could do to make up for it. He was very remorseful.” Below his testimony, Internet users left kind comments. “He lost a once in a lifetime memory,” one wrote.

*Name has been changed


He refuses to take a photo with his daughter on her wedding day
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