When a loved one is about to give birth, it is always an exciting time for the whole family. And when it is his child who becomes a parent in turn, this moment takes on additional importance.

However, if the delivery occurs when it is impossible to go to the bedside of your child, especially during a trip abroad, it becomes very difficult to return quickly to know your grandson or grandchild. -daughter.

A long-planned trip

A man, anonymously, took to Reddit to explain that he and his wife went on vacation for two weeks when his daughter was about to give birth. This did not fail to create strong tensions within the family. “We were on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. We had saved money to do this trip, paid and booked before my daughter was pregnant. But after only six days, they receive a call from their daughter’s boyfriend…

An imminent childbirth

“He told us that she was going to give birth and that we had to take the next flight home,” he said. “We knew she was going to give birth soon but her term was not expected before the end of the month and we were only at the beginning” he justified himself. Explaining to his son-in-law that it seemed impossible to him, he asked him to keep them informed and to continue their birth plan. But a few hours later, their daughter calls them.

A panicked expectant mother

“She asked us about what time we would be on the way back and that she really wanted us with her, that it was taking longer than expected, that she was scared, etc,” he noted. Becoming a mother for the first time, her parents knew that she would have fears before giving birth. Trying to reassure her from a distance, they explain to her that they can’t just pack their bags and go home. Annoyed, she hangs up on them.

A complicated birth

Hours later, in the middle of the night, they miss a call from their son-in-law informing them that there were complications and that an emergency C-section was being considered. “The next morning, we called immediately and our daughter told us that she was scared, that things could have gone wrong and that our trip was more important than her,” he lamented. Again she hangs up and no longer answers their calls.

Apologies not accepted

If the baby was born healthy and their daughter is fine, the new grandparents still haven’t been able to meet their granddaughter. “We only saw photos on Facebook because our daughter wouldn’t let us see her and barely spoke to us since we got back,” he said. If the parents had planned to be there for the birth of their grandchild, they could not bring themselves to leave their vacation after six days after having spent so much money. “Even if we had, we wouldn’t have come back in time,” he argued, adding that he had apologized several times.

let time

In the comments following his message, many people felt sorry for them and their difficult situation. “You couldn’t rush home from another country and if you had, the ticket prices would have been astronomical,” said a first person. “Obviously your daughter is acting irrationally. Give it a few weeks. I imagine she will find forgiveness for you when sleep deprivation hits and she needs your help,” concluded another.

He refuses to cut short his vacation to attend the birth of his daughter and alienates her


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