This is a new hunting-related case that could have been dramatic. As he sits in his kitchen, Paul sits alongside his 11-month-old son in his high chair. While they are having breakfast, the father and the son are going to have a good scare. Indeed, suddenly, the father will hear the sound of a glass breaking: “I heard the sound of the window shattering and I received shards in the back”. In reality, a 12-caliber bullet has just shattered the window behind him. The bullet lodged in the back kitchen after passing about thirty centimeters from his head and that of his son.

Immediately, the parents of the baby come out of their house. They find themselves face to face with hunters. The mother of the family decides to confront the individuals: “It is not possible, it is not us”, will answer one of them. Traumatized by what just happened, the mother still can’t believe it: “They could have killed someone, it’s very serious”. According to the parents, the hunters were about 300 meters from their house. “There is a fundamental problem in the regulations. My son would have taken a bullet in front of us, I could not have protected him”, denounces the mother of the family. Both parents filed a complaint.

Another hunting accident

This is unfortunately not the first hunting accident. Indeed, for months now, various facts related to this practice have been making headlines. Last February, a 25-year-old young woman was killed by a stray bullet on a hiking trail in Cantal, in Cassaniouze by a 17-year-old hunter. The victim was hit around 3 p.m., while on a marked trail.

He quietly has breakfast with his 11-month-old son, before the scare of their lives

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