Her father’s funeral was certainly not the place where she expected to receive a marriage proposal. However, in the middle of the ceremony, a woman saw the pastor kneel before her to ask her to marry him…

Thinking about his marriage proposal is a dream shared by many women in a relationship. What will be the place? How will he ask? Will he get down on his knees? Will they be one-on-one or in small groups? How will the ring be?

If everyone has their own idea on the subject, no woman dreams of her fiancé asking her to marry him in an absolutely incongruous context… And yet, it was during her father’s funeral that a woman was entitled to his request…

bad timing

Having gone viral, the video of this unusual marriage proposal posted on TikTok and viewed more than 278,000 times, did not fail to arouse strong comments. And for good reason ! At the time of the request, it was time for the funeral… “Proposing to the daughter of the deceased during the funeral. Wiping away tears here and there”. Here is the sentence captioning the posting of the video by the happy fiancé. In this controversial clip, a woman is filmed crying while sitting near her father’s coffin. Suddenly, her suitor kneels down and, using a microphone, asks her to marry him. A question that immediately provokes the cries of the entourage, also bereaved and visibly very shocked by this inappropriate behavior.

Heal his mate’s heart

This South African pastor had been asked to preside over the service in honor of the father of his partner. According to the Central News Agency, he had thought that asking for her hand at such a time would allow him to “heal his broken heart” and accept the death of his father. Visibly confused, it nevertheless seems that the woman accepted his irrelevant proposal, the video ending with an image of the pastor placing a ring on the finger of his bride. In the comments, this gesture was overwhelmingly frowned upon, with many users saying they were appalled by his behavior “This is not good. It doesn’t matter how you try to justify it,” noted a first person. “The moment is not good” criticized a second while a third considered that this proposal was a “pure lack of respect at all levels”. Nevertheless, some tried to take the pastor’s side, thinking that the latter would have initially wanted to propose in the presence of the father of his partner and that this was an (indirect) way of keeping his word…


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