A tragedy that could have been avoided. In Florida, United States, a 47-year-old man was found dead on Tuesday, May 31, in Lake Taylor, located in the heart of the Largo agglomeration. He was probably attacked by an alligator.

According to information from CBS News, the victim was reckless in not paying attention to the signs indicating the presence of reptiles in this body of water. According to the American media, the man would have entered the water in order to recover misplaced frisbees.

Frisbees that can make money

Indeed, right next to the lake is a field reserved for frisbee enthusiasts, and it often happens that some of them lose their Frisbees in this dangerous area. But for other people, all those lost discs are a good way to make easy money.

There are alligator warnings posted all along Taylor Lake where a 47 year old man was killed by a gator earlier today, after going in the water to look for frisbees. Disc golfers tell us despite the warnings, they see people go into the water all the time. pic.twitter.com/HujnNWz2NQ

— Chris Rogers (@ChrisRogersTV) May 31, 2022

“Sometimes they dive into the lake, and pull out 40 frisbees. You can sell them for $5 each (about 4.68 euros, editor’s note), or even for $10 each, depending on the quality,” testified one local resident quoted by CBS News. According to the Quebec media TVA Nouvelles, the deceased was homeless, and it was not the first time he tried his luck to recover the frissbees, because he had already been called to order in April, and threatened to be banned from entering the park. But this risky little livelihood will ultimately have been fatal to the victim.

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