“I was raped in front of a camera”. This is a poignant new testimony from Evan Rachel Wood. A few months after accusing Marilyn Manson of having sexually abused her during their relationship, the actress confided in the documentary Phoenix Rising, broadcast on HBO. In this one, the one we saw in the Westworld series in particular looks back on the set of the clip for Heart-Shaped Glasses, in 2007. Invited by her then companion to participate in this production, Evan Rachel Wood accused of rape. “We had talked about a fake sex scene. But when the cameras were rolling, he started penetrating me for real,” the actress explains in this documentary, which shows the fight to increase the statute of limitations in cases. sex crimes to enable victims to obtain justice.

“I never agreed to that,” adds Evan Rachel Wood, who says she “didn’t know how to say no” because she had “been conditioned and trained never to answer, to go after it at all costs” since his childhood. “I was forced into a commercial sex act under a false pretext. (…) I was raped in front of a camera, she accuses. It was total chaos. I did not feel safe. “Nobody was protecting me. Shooting this clip was a really traumatic experience. I can tell the crew was very embarrassed and nobody knew what to do.” According to the HBO documentary, Marilyn Manson allegedly pressured Evan Rachel Wood to assure reporters that there was no actual sex scene during the filming of her music video.

Marilyn Manson: the singer is under investigation

“I had to say we had a great romantic experience, and none of it was true. But I was afraid to upset Brian (Hugh Warner, real name of Marilyn Manson, editor’s note). The video didn’t was only the beginning of the violence which only increased during our relationship”, assures Evan Rachel Wood. A new terrifying testimony which adds to the many that the actress has made in recent months. Marilyn Manson, who totally denies the accusations of the actress and other women, is the subject of an investigation by the Los Angeles police. The charges of “domestic violence involving Mr. Brian Warner” and under investigation “occurred between 2009 and 2011, when Mr. Warner lived in the city of West Hollywood”, police said. in a press release.

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