Robert Woolf, 47, from Harrow, West London, surely could have had the worst of it if he hadn’t watched this video on YouTube. The man had noticed a small bump on one of his testicles. Any anomaly in this private part being always more or less alarming, he made an appointment with his general practitioner. While still awaiting the day of the appointment, the man from Harrow took to YouTube to inquire, the Mirror reports in its September 21, 2022 article.

Fortunately, he took the time to do this little tour on the video streaming platform. According to the London West University NHS Trust, the advice Robert heard on YouTube must have saved his life. Thanks to these tricks, he was able to react in time. Indeed, according to Robert Woolf’s statements, he could have missed this rare symptom of testicular cancer if he had not watched these videos on YouTube. “My GP did a non-touch exam and said he didn’t think there was anything to worry about,” Robert Woolf told MyLondon.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion.

The video Robert Woolf viewed on YouTube is of a testicular cancer survivor. Following the video’s advice, Robert asked for a CT scan and another doctor’s opinion. The 47-year-old man’s CT scan revealed the presence of a small growth. Several weeks later, he had his right testicle removed as a precaution. If he hadn’t asked for this scan, the symptom could have gone unnoticed and the cancer had gotten worse.

He notices an anomaly on his body and is saved thanks to the advice found on YouTube

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