It was in Larne, Northern Ireland, that this extraordinary tragedy occurred. Indeed, Alan Gingles, 34, was convicted of killing his grandmother. According to The Independent, he believed his grandmother, Betty Dobbin, 82, had turned into a zombie during the pandemic. Indeed, the 30-year-old was sitting in the octogenarian’s living room in March 2020 in Larne. Alan Gingles then claimed he was seeing “zombies screaming at him,” according to the outlet. Believing that his grandmother had turned into a zombie, he took a hammer to hit her in the head eight times. Gingles then allegedly strangled his grandmother, according to the autopsy received by The Independent.

After killing his grandmother, Alan Gingles then contacted his father. He had told her that Betty Dobbin was inert. Emergency services have been contacted. Only, the grandmother was already dead when they arrived there.

Alan Gingles gets an indefinite sentence

Once in court, Alan Gingles was initially charged with murder. Subsequently, the charge evolved into “manslaughter on the basis of attenuated responsibility”. According to media sources The Independent, Alan Gingles suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He would, moreover, have a long history of mental disorders. Disorders that would have worsened with the circumstances linked to the pandemic.

Alan Gingles received an indeterminate sentence. It is still certain that he will serve, at least, a sentence of 5 years in prison. It is after that he will go before a commission for a possible parole depending on his psychological state.

Alan Gingles and Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Dobbin © The Independent

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