Horrible ! It was in Sunderland that this horrible story took place. A man and a young woman had just had their first date during the summer of 2021. On the way home from their pleasant first evening, the couple were followed by two boys they did not know, the report said. prosecutor Jane Waugh in court. The two strangers then started screaming until one of them, Sean Robinson, lunged at the man to attack him. Sean Robinson, then 17 years old, hit him several times.

“Dude, I don’t want to fight,” the victim announced. The man and the young woman in their twenties then tried to walk away from the scene near the University of Sunderland. Only, Sean Robinson continued to pursue them and even managed to put the man on the ground before hitting him again. The woman then tried to protect her partner from the blows of their attacker, but in vain. “She said she would do anything if he stopped hitting (the man), who was barely conscious,” prosecutor Jane Waugh said.

He raped his victim in the bushes

“If you come to make love with me, I will not kill him”, had replied Sean Robinson in the face of the distress of the woman. Hearing this, the injured man then retorted, “Please don’t touch her.” This is how Sean Robinson of Halesworth Road took his victim into the bushes to rape her. Even during her distress and while crying, the woman still had the opportunity to send a cry for help to her mother. Soon, her parents arrived on the scene and called the police. Sean Robinson has been imprisoned and his trial is ongoing.

He makes a horrible deal with a young woman to rape her

He makes a horrible deal with a young woman to rape her © Pexels

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