Curious to discover every nook and cranny of their new living space, roommates were surprised and horrified during their exploration of the attic. The latter, which remained intact for decades, contained very curious relics…

A new life was reaching out to this group of friends in the loft they had just rented. A place that they intended to transform into a comforting “cocoon”, intended to welcome their joys and their sorrows. Delighted with their find, the small group was determined to take possession of every corner of their habitat.

Sometime after moving in, the new tenants bump into a former resident. The latter tells them that there is “something in the roof” without further explanation. Curious, the new inhabitants decide to find out what’s going on… to their great fear.

A morbid sanctuary

In a video posted on the social network TikTok, one of the housemates returned to the strange discoveries they had the surprise to make in the four-bedroom house located in the Fitzroy district of Melbourne. Perhaps expecting a chest, treasure or some other fantastical mystery, there’s nothing to suggest they’d land in what the video called a “stalker sanctuary” likely dedicated to a sporty young man. Within the latter, there appears, pinned to a bare brick wall, an astonishing display of ratty sports shoes and long football socks. Nearby is a hanger on which rests a leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans. Above the shoes is a gallery of faded photo prints, all of the youngster, wearing an Aussie Rules football shirt. To this already important “loot” were also added a certain number of rolled up negative strips, also pinned on the wall. But the most worrying thing was not there…

strange relics

For the tenants, what was most strange and confusing was the discovery of about fifteen resealable bags, containing hair, cigarettes, used bandages and unknown liquids “It was really very scary,” said Matt Martin, whose girlfriend part of the housemates group, at “Everyone in the house was terrified. There was some scary stuff up there,” he added. “The shrine is thought to date from the early 1990s.” After this heavy discovery, the roommates immediately informed the real estate agent who contacted the owner. The latter would have claimed to have been warned by the builders of the loft during the rehabilitation work just before the group moved in, but without being told the nature of this discovery.

body parts

“They said not to worry and move it,” Matt continued. “I don’t think they actually saw all the stuff,” he added. After their first fright and following the video posted on TikTok, their panicked subscribers invited them to go to the police station to report the discovery. After their statement, Matt said, “We called the hotline and they just said if there were no body parts, we had nothing to worry about. I think one of us is going to have to do the dirty work and take it all apart, throw it all away, to make sure it’s all gone.” One thing is certain, they will all have a special memory of their move into this building which, after research, was offered for sale for the first time in generations…

He makes a disturbing discovery in the attic of his house ©

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