A new sordid news item has hit the United States. The story took place in September 2022. 31-year-old Damien Bendall had been in a relationship for two years with a woman named Terry, who decided to build her life with this man, yet “controlling and abusive. “. After an accepted marriage proposal, the two lovebirds settled in the heart of the small town of Killamarsh. But two years later, the tragedy: in a fit of dementia due to drugs, Damien Bendall murdered his wife and three children.

Quickly found and arrested by the police, this unemployed man was found guilty and imprisoned for life. As the days of the trial progressed, tongues loosened. Damien Bendall has been proven to finance his constant supply of cannabis, cocaine, morphine and methamphetamine by selling his girlfriend’s belongings, including her laptop and many of her clothes. And his criminal record spoke for itself: before his terrible murders, he had been convicted of several thefts and arson.

The man had tortured kittens and shot a dog with a stone

But the worst was told by one of his neighbors. The latter assured the police that he had seen Damien Bendall torturing animals, including cats and kittens, on several occasions. This testimony agreed with another resident of the city, assuring that he had surprised this thirty-something in the process of killing a dog with stones. “I always thought he was capable of killing someone, but never a wife or children. He could fight anyone on the street. He could do stupid things but he had to happen something. I can’t understand this story of child murder. I just can’t,” said one of his relatives. It is now certain that he will no longer be able to harm anyone.

He liked to torture kittens... He acts horribly on humans

He tortured cats… before killing his family © Pexels

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