The birth of a child is, in general, a joyful moment. However, for a husband, this very special day turned against him. By letting his mother visit his newborn, his wife, very angry, kicked him out of their home.

It’s no secret that relations with the in-laws are not always idyllic. They can even be particularly tense between a woman and her mother-in-law.

For a man who wished to remain anonymous, the signals were apparently not clear enough. Between his wife and his mother, the links were however fragile, and his decision only served one thing: to put an end to his couple.

A disrespectful mother-in-law

On a Reddit forum, the man therefore returned at length to his story “My mother is a nightmare” he began to write “She does not always respect people’s limits. She never loved my wife not for a serious reason only because she couldn’t stand that I got married and moved away from her. “Whenever my mother visited our house, she always touched everything and judged my wife for being a bad housewife and pretended that she would also be a bad mother.” With such remarks, his wife has lost all patience and can no longer bear his visits. But the situation degenerated further with the birth of their first child.

Misplaced requirements

“My wife gave birth to our healthy baby girl three weeks ago. My mom insisted she wanted to be in the delivery room.” An idea far from pleasing his wife “My wife only wanted me and her mother there” a perfectly understandable proposal that her mother however did not hear “My mother was in the hospital hall shouting that she deserved to experience the birth of her grandson. After the birth, his wife warns him that his mother can only come once to meet the baby, which she hastened to do and added, as a remark, that the porch of their house was dirty. His wife got angry and forbade her mother-in-law to come back. Except that her husband did not take into account her warning…

A limit crossed

“My wife had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I was staying home with the baby. I saw it as a chance to invite my mother to see him as long as she kept it a secret,” he wrote on the forum. “She came and I told her we had about two hours before my wife does not come back”. But far from listening to her son, his mother imposes herself “She didn’t want to leave, no matter how many times I tried to convince her”. And the drama happens “My wife came home and saw my mother cuddling the baby. She started yelling at her and at me and told her to get the hell out of the house”. Trying to calm his wife, he adds “I said it’s also my house and my child and if I want my mother to meet my fucking child in my fucking house, she can” adding that his wife n was not entitled, according to him, to kick his mother out. But his wife’s reaction is not what he expected “She kicked me out too and now I’m staying with my parents until she calms down”. Unfortunately for him, other forum users agreed with his wife, many slipping that he should stand up for his wife and that he was dead wrong “You just described all the horrible ways your mother treats your wife and you went behind her back to satisfy your mother” while another added “Mommy wanted it now and mommy’s son obeyed. Your wife was right to fire you. You act like you’re married to your mother and not her.” Finally, a last noted “And he shouted at her! The absolute nerve! Your wife would have the moral right to leave you for that! I love irony. His mother doesn’t respect boundaries and he doesn’t respect his wife’s boundaries. Then surprised, his mother does not respect the two hour limit that he placed while violating the limits of his wife! »


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