He laughs as his dog drives his car and films the scene as his car drives through the streets of the Arab-Israeli village of Ein Nakuba. His joke was not at all to the liking of the police who were quick to arrest him at his home. The Israeli, whose identity has not been revealed, uploaded his hilarious video to social media, reports the Mirror in its September 7, 2022 article. “Police shared the silly video of the cheeky motorist driving past a number of pedestrians and other cars with his dog behind the wheel in Jerusalem, Israel,” the lines of The Mirror read.

According to the video, the man made his dog sit on his lap in the driver’s seat. The dog held the steering wheel with its paws for more than a minute, the Mirror reports. As the car moves, it passes a number of pedestrians and a number of cars. Luckily, while her dog was driving her car, there were no incidents. But the police do not condone this kind of stupidity at all.

Police believe he lacks respect for human life

The video uploaded by the man who let his dog drive his car down a Jerusalem street was shared by the police themselves. At the end of this video, we can see the police arrive at the stranger’s house to arrest him. In a statement, police said: “Those who commit such acts disrespect human life.” “The resident of the Arab-Israeli village of Ein Nakuba has been taken into custody for questioning,” reports the Mirror, quoting the Jewish Chronicle.

He lets his dog drive his car and pays dearly for it

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