He kills three people and walks for a week to confess

The facts took place in the middle of Russia, in August according to Le Figaro. A man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was with friends at a reindeer farm, located in a huge wooded area in the Khabarovsk region. “While drinking alcoholic beverages with a friend, the man came into conflict with the latter and shot him and killed him, before killing two women on the farm,” authorities said. in a press release Tuesday, August 31.

The perpetrator walked to Okhotsk commune to inform the police of his crimes. But, due to the remoteness of the scene and the lack of transportation, the man took a week to arrive at the police station. He was finally arrested there, and a judge is due to rule in the coming hours on his pre-trial detention. For their part, the investigators went to the scene of the murders to determine the circumstances of the tragedy.

Fatal incidents caused by alcohol frequent in Russia

Vodka, beer, wine, spirits, … In 2016, Russians consumed almost 11.7 liters of alcohol per capita, which is one of the highest levels in the world. In Russia, the number of deaths from alcohol is particularly high. And fatal armed incidents remain common in the country during drinking sprees. As the media report, in 2017, a man killed nine people during an alcoholic argument in a village northwest of Moscow.

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