In a drug robbery gone wrong, 34-year-old Travis Lamar Birkley killed 6 people. The six corpses of the victims were found in a house in Milwaukee on January 23, 2022, according to By appearing on June 6, 2022 before the justice of Wisconsin, the murderer admitted the facts. A bond of one million dollars has been set for him, specifies Travis Lamar Birkley is charged with all six shooting homicides. Nevertheless, the authorities report that casings found at the scene of the crime indicate the existence of two different weapons.

The existence of the two weapons would also presuppose the existence of a second killer. According to the authorities, the second shooter is none other than a cousin of Travis Lamar Birkley. “The police confirmed on Sunday that the latter had not yet been arrested, but did not wish to divulge any other information”, confirms It is not yet established if the cousin of Travis Lamar Birkley actually fired. And if he fired, the authorities don’t know if he killed.

He took a selfie with the glasses of one of the victims

The bodies of the victims of this murderer from Wisconsin were found in the basement of a duplex in Milwaukee. According to People magazine, “a selfie allegedly taken by Travis Lamar Birkley, 34, on January 20 appears to show him in the basement of the house where the victims were killed.” It is thanks to this selfie taken in the basement of the victim’s apartment that the police were able to trace Travis Lamar Birkley. According to investigators, the killer is wearing the glasses of one of the victims in the selfie photo.

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