Daniel Smith, 41, was in a relationship with Imogen, a young mother of 29. The latter was found in an apartment in Oldham (England), last March, three weeks after being beaten and stabbed to death. Daniel, his companion at the time, has just been convicted of his murder and receives a minimum of 17 years in prison.

Daniel was an alcoholic, and had a history of violent and abusive behavior towards women, as his former companions claimed in court. Last February, Imogen first texted her ex-boyfriend, telling him that Daniel was at her house and that he had become violent. She writes: “I thought I was going to die. He strangled me so much I almost died, then he got a knife.” The same day, the young woman also calls the police twice, telling them the facts. But when the police arrive at his apartment the next day, it is too late. On February 19, the agents left stammering. Imogen does not open the door to them, and for good reason: she is dead.

Terrible confessions written on the victim

Imogen’s body is discovered four weeks after his death. And the scene is grim, as reported by The Sun. The young woman is lying on the bed, with multiple stab wounds on the body. The autopsy later revealed the presence of bruises on her face, jaw and scalp, and on her neck.

And, written in red nail polish on his leg, the inscription “It was me”. When questioned, Daniel admitted to having killed Imogen, but that all of this was not like him. He also admitted to having used the young woman’s bank card after her death, then emptying her bank account by buying alcohol. The 29-year-old leaves behind a young child she loved more than anything in the world, and distraught parents.

Imogen, 29 © Facebook © Greater Manchester Police

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