This family man from St Clears, Carmarthen, Wales, tried to blame the death of an innocent female police officer whom he rammed with his van on his son. Simon Draper’s son Ted, 42, was just 13 months old when the accident happened in February 2021. Citing the trial which took place at Swansea Crown Court, The Sun reveals on October 18, 2022 that Simon Draper is accused of using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram before hitting cyclist Lynwen Thomas, 37. Lynwen Thomas was a sergeant in fine form.

She was cycling on the A40 near Carmarthen when Simon Draper rammed her with his Ford Transit. The 37-year-old sergeant died on the spot. As an excuse, the reckless 42-year-old driver brings up the fact that his 13-month-old son was using his phone. Her 13-month-old baby boy, sitting in the back of the van, reportedly used the phone and accessed an app. Draper confirmed passing the phone to his son to calm him down. An explanation that is not at all plausible, according to Dr. Mohammed Rahman, a pediatrician for 30 years.

The reckless driver’s on-board video is bizarrely incomplete

The pediatrician told the jury that the reckless driver’s 13-year-old son lacked the dexterity to open an application. “He wouldn’t have the mental capacity to specifically look for apps and launch them, intentionally or not,” he added. Prosecutor Carina Hughes also confirmed that “Draper was actively using his mobile phone – the standard of his driving was well below what is expected of a competent and careful driver”.

Yet Draper claims that at the time of the accident, he turned “for a split second” to his son and had not seen Sergeant Thomas on his bike. In-dash video of the car driven by Simon Draper, viewed by Swansea Assize Court, has been partially erased – exactly from footage where the accident took place.

He kills a policewoman with his car and accuses his 13-month-old son present in the vehicle

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